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Full House Movers is a premier moving company in Sacramento, California. We are the one needed source for our corporate clients that fulfills their relocation, installation, expansion and storage requests between states.

At the heart of what we do are our dedicated staff and a labor force of experienced movers, which is able to be successful due to the incorporation of the latest technology, equipment and techniques. Our staff ensures that your moving experience is completed on time, within your budget, and with the least possible distractions to your business.

Full House Movers is the most unique organization in the industry. Although most moving companies can handle small office relocations, only a few can manage major commercial moves on the scale that Full House Movers manages on a daily basis. We are able to complete your requests to the greatest extent due to our experienced project management and our very competitive rates.


Project management and logistical planning are the critical factors behind every successful relocation. Full House Movers begins by meeting with your project administrator or staff to identify your top priorities so that we can determine the most efficient way to complete your move with you being greatly satisfied. For example, if getting your company’s telephones up and running is at the top of the list, then that is a primary consideration in planning every phase of the relocation. As part of the process, we will establish timetables designed to avoid unnecessary interruptions in your daily operations.


Full House Movers utilizes a system so that the floor plan at your new facility reflects the exact placement of office furnishings, files and equipment. All items to be moved are labeled to clearly identify the floor, room, and location within the room of the piece. Even small items not drawn on the floor plan will be tagged with the number of the nearest desk. We use the same techniques when we are called upon to relocate a facility that includes fragile equipment.


Full House Movers staff conducts extensive site surveys prior to the move, so that we are able to eliminate the “surprises” and become aware of any factors that may delay the relocation process. These surveys are also valuable for accurately determining costs and estimating the labor force and time required to complete the relocation.

All movers who work for Full House Movers are on staff. If we need additional workers for a big move, we’re able to draw on manpower from our other teams or even our affiliated companies in the California area, meaning, you will only get trained workers.


  • Early intervention to ensure compliance with building regulations, certificates of insurance, and building protection
  • Expert logistical planning by our in-house team of project managers
  • Qualified staff that can provide complete or partial packing, including instructions for employees on packing and labeling.
  • A high security storage facility for records, furniture, or specialized equipment
  • Experience in the installation and de-installation of modular furniture
  • A comprehensive supply of bubble wrap, furniture pads, and specialized packing material for items requiring special care and handling.
  • Expertise in the relocation of computer systems, sensitive electronic equipment, and works of art. 
  • Large modern trucks, all outfitted with furniture pads, straps, commercial/ appliance/ heavy duty dollies, tools, etc.
  • Equipment and manpower to handle any move regardless of the size and origin, ranging from a desk to an entire organization
  • Long distance moving and agent
  • New product distribution
  • Basic and special transportation services
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Asset inventory and bar-coding


Relocation or expansion does not have to be an experience that brings your business to a screeching halt. Full House Movers has the experience, manpower and equipment to get the job done smoothly, on time, and within budget. Just make sure you give us the time to get ready for our adventure.

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