Selecting Moving Companies in Sacramento

Selecting Moving Companies in Sacramento/San Jose and San Francisco

When selecting a moving company Sacramento, Ca. it is important for you to know which questions to ask. The reason that you should ask these questions is to make sure that your stuff is going to be protected during the move.

First, make sure to look at moving companies Sacramento, San Jose, or San Francisco that are licensed. You should ask to view their license and also make sure that the company is bonded and insured. You do not want to work with Sacramento, San Jose, or San Francisco movers who are not licensed because you do not know if your items will be protected.

Some of the other questions that you should ask movers Sacramento include:

  • Do you charge by the hour or by the piece?
  • Is there a minimum charge? How do you charge after the minimum requirement is met?
  • Are extra large items extra?
  • Is there a charge for stretch wrap or moving pads?
  • Is there a charge for the travel time from your Sacramento moving company location to my home or business?
  • Is there an extra charge for weekend or evening services?
  • What are your payment options? Is there a deposit required?
  • Do you use full time employees or temps? (companies that use temps are often not insured properly, so be careful with Sacramento or San Francisco movers who use temps.)
  • Are your employees covered by worker’s compensation?
  • Do you offer free quotes?
  • Is there a contact number for moving day in case any challenges come up?


If you are searching for moving companies Sacramento, Ca, Full House Movers is a great choice. We are proud to serve the Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco areas. We provide you with the highest quality packing, moving, storage, and transportation services in order to make your Sacramento moving experience as easy as possible.

We have a team of expert San Francisco movers that will be sent to your home or office to pack up your things and get them to your new location. We provide an onsite supervisor for every move so you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan. Each of our Sacramento movers will be in uniform and are fully trained to pack your home or office in a way that is most efficient. In addition, as a Sacramento moving company we will provide the best trucks and materials to ensure that your move will go smoothly. In addition, we will provide you with secured storage, so that you know your things will remain safe while they are in our care.

If you are looking for Sacramento/San Jose, or San Francisco movers, we would love to have you join our large number of satisfied customers by contacting us today to start your great moving experience with Full House Movers.

When you call us, feel free to ask any questions that you may have. We will provide you with the answers that you need so that you will feel comfortable working with us during your entire Sacramento moving experience. We are up front about the costs of a move, so you will know exactly what to expect when the job is complete.

We can provide you with all of the supplies that are needed to make your relocation to Sacramento or surrounding area go smoothly. As a local company we will provide you with the best possible prices. We are fully licensed and bonded, which helps ensure your safety during the move. Call us today and we will discuss your needs with you and will be happy to set up a date to start the Sacramento moving process.